Roundup: Will the NFL Always Be King; Jonah Ryan Lives; Subway Thief Gets Hungry

Democrats have raised more money than Republicans in advance of the midterms next month … The war on whaling … The one major threat to the NFL’s dominanceMelissa McCarthy’s dramatic turn … New York Times election needling is coming back, baby … Art of the steal … Baseball has a spying problem that must be addressed …. Ex-USA Gymnastics president arrested … Mike Pompeo certainly giving the Saudis the benefit of the doubt …Where your gubernatorial candidate stands on sports bettingCougar flag will be at GameDay … Jonah Ryan’s Veep ad becomes actual ad … Are you buying this from Paul George … What is Michael B. Jordan doing … Cara Delevingne.

Aaron Hernandez enjoyed the jail lifestyle. [USA Today]

The family that built an empire on the pain of others. Depressing read. [New Yorker]

What it was like to be a teammate of Michael Jordan and what it’s like to be a teammate of LeBron James. [Yahoo]

Food memes could be contributing to teen obesity. [Daily Dot]

Hubie Brown is 85 and showing no signs of slowing down. [NY Post]

Would that we could all live like this.

This wearable blinder is meant to block out noise, light, and people

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) October 18, 2018

High school coaches play the best head games.

Michigan 20, Michigan State 13. Unless something crazy happens. Speaking of: