No, Harley Davidson’s CEO did not call Trump a moron, but don’t tell Twitter that


Did the CEO of Harley Davidson bash President Trump, calling him a moron?

The answer is no, he didn’t call Trump a moron. But, if you were one of the tens of thousands of people who retweeted or liked this viral tweet you may believe he did. 

Harley Davidson CEO Matthew S Levatich says: “Our decision to move some of our operations is 100% based on President Trumps tariffs. Mr. Trump knows nothing about economics and even less about trade. The man is a moron.”#MAGA @DailyCaller @realDonaldTrump @CNN @GOP

— Judy Tinsleman (@tinsleman) June 26, 2018

According to this 100 percent false tweet, the CEO of Harley Davidson Matthew Levatich blasted Donald Trump for starting a trade war and blamed him for their decision to move some of their operations overseas.  Read more…

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