How likely it is that Trump’s Supreme Court pick will be his lackey

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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy plans to retire at the end of July, giving Trump the opportunity to nominate his second Justice. 
Based on past information, the president won’t likely be a proponent of judicial independence.
When Trump got wind of his first nominee Neil Gorsuch’s criticisms over some comments about the federal judiciary, he considered pulling the nomination altogether out of fear that he would prove disloyal.
 Supreme Court confirmation hearings won’t reveal anything about the stances of Trump’s nominee, though — the job opportunity is too good to reveal what they truly think about top issues.
However, history has shown that Justices choose loyalty to the law over loyalty to their nominator. And although the Supreme Court is more political than it used to be, it does not necessarily lack independence.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement has sparked much speculation about the court’s future decisions on abortion and gay rights.

But what about the retirement’s effects on the future of a possible litigant before the court: President Trump himself?See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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