Here’s How You Can Buy A Late-Model Rolls-Royce For Under $100k

Buying a wrecked or severely damaged car is always a risky business. Buying a damaged Rolls-Royce? How deep is your wallet?

Currently listed on Copart are a pair of Rolls-Royces, each with decent chunks taken out of their bodywork and huge repair bills for anyone who wants to bring them back to life. Nonetheless, the two could fetch a pretty penny if anyone takes the plunge and actually bids on them.

First up is a 2016 Phantom Drophead Coupe. The car in question has an estimated retail value of $650,453, has just 177 miles (284 km) under its belt and is being sold with a salvage title.

At the time of writing, the minimum starting bid for the luxurious convertible was sitting at $90,500. No details have been given as to what caused it to be a write-off, though what’s visible in the provided photos is a missing side skirt, missing front quarter panel, missing front bumper, and an absent front grille.

While sourcing genuine Rolls-Royce replacement parts wouldn’t be cheap, the car could certainly be made to look brand new for well under six figures. It could be viewed as quite a bargain then – if you’re the type of person that likes to live life on the edge.

As for the second Rolls, it is a 2017 Dawn and has also taken a hefty shunt to its front end. The hood, bumper, headlights, grille, and front quarter panel are all damaged and it also looks as if at least one of the front wheels needs a replacement.

The starting bid for the Dawn, which has 2344 miles (3772 km) on the clock, sits at $60,500, well under its $375,000 estimated retail value.

Both these damaged Rolls-Royce models seem like a relative bargain, but repairing them and insuring them could prove to be a massive headache. So, are you feeling lucky?