Elon Musk urges potential Tesla buyers in China to order cars now to fund the new Gigafactory (TSLA)

Elon Musk Shanghai interviewKanka News

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke to Chinese state media on his trip to Shanghai this week to break ground on a new Gigafactory. 
He urged consumers to order their vehicle today in order to help fund the construction.
A cheaper Model 3 won’t happen any time soon, either, he said, so people should not wait for a price cut. 

For Chinese drivers hoping to snag a cheaper Tesla Model 3, CEO Elon Musk doesn’t want you to wait.

“I also want to encourage Chinese consumers to place an order for our Model 3 right now,” Musk told the state-owned Kanka News website on Monday while in Shanghai for the groundbreaking of a new Gigafactory. The interview was first reported by Bloomberg. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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