Can You Handle The Truth About Healthcare? asks Freehold NJ Chiropractor

Answer these questions:  Are you taking pills for high blood pressure that were prescribed to you? How about for diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, acid reflux or other conditions?   If so… when is your ending date to stop taking that medication?  Do you know the side effects:  liver failure, kidney damage, aches and pains, digestive problems, headaches, decreased libido, low energy levels, low quality sleep.. just to name a few.  Would you want to be taking that early in life, or would you want to put that off as far into the future as possible or avoid it altogether… what is the better concept?

When it comes to the public and US government in  handling healthcare… I think of Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men”:  

Our country and most citizens think the current healthcare system promotes health.  It is actually a sickcare system.  A pill does not heal.  Medications are one of the leading cause of death in our country. These meds have more side effects that lead to the use of more meds.  It’s a vicious cycle.  They just mask your symptoms and give you a false sense of health.  On top of that, surgery should be a last resort.

The United States uses the most prescribed drugs and surgery, yet we have the lowest rated health of all developed countries.  The New England Journal of Medicine has an article stating the U.S. health care system ranks 37th in the world:  Ranking 37th — Measuring the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System.

Now with Obamacare, people are going to be pushed more toward the sickcare system we have been stuck in.  Pushing more drugs, more surgery and increasing the expense of the already tremendous “healthcare” costs.  We need a true change!  Not pushing more of this garbage.  Obamacare is so wrong in many ways.

If there was a TRUE Healthcare option would you want to explore that?

Imagine a court and government decision that establishes true Health insurance rather than the current disease insurance offered today and being spread by Obamacare.  Imagine newborns, infants, grade school children, siblings, parents, and grandparents being evaluated for healthy lifestyle decisions and given proactive advice by advocates of life and health.  Imagine how many lives, psyches and money would be saved if preventative steps were taken prior to a health crisis and how much money would be saved from excessive and unnecessary medical procedures.

Health is a choice, it’s a lifestyle… Health is about prevention and maintenance.  Health is making sure the most important system of the body (the nervous system) is functioning at 100% so the body can function optimally.  Health is about providing the body with the healthy nutrition it needs for energy and allow the tissues to heal.  Health is about exercise.  Health is about mental well being.  Health is your choice as it is your body!

There is a HEALTH profession that has been promoting health care for over 100 years.  Do you know what profession that is?


I’ve been a chiropractor for 14 years and owner of Hometown Family Wellness Center in Freehold NJ.  Many people from Freehold and the surrounding towns of Marlboro, Manalapan, Howell, Colts Neck, Jackson, Howell, Morganville, Englishtown and other communities of Monmouth and Ocean county are searching for the answers to improving their health naturally.  Most come in for pain relief but they start to see many of their other symptoms resolve and many times are taken off their medications.  I educate my patients on the 5 key steps at making their body healthy and they start to live a healthy, active lifestyle without drugs and surgery once again.

Can you handle the truth? Are you ready to finally take responsibility for your health? Let me help you make the changes to start leading a healthy, active lifestyle you deserve.  I have true change if you really want health care.  If you are in the Freehold, NJ area call 732-780-0044 or go to our website for more info and come in for a consultation to turn your health around without medication and surgery!

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