Absolutely Incredible That This Was Ruled A Touchdown Catch in a Super Bowl

Controversial calls have been a hot topic for NFL enthusiasts, casual fans, and really anyone else who loves when others get all hot and bothered. The good people of New Orleans are still walking around shell-shocked, unable to comprehend how this wasn’t a pass interference penalty. Any attempts to put the blown call into context will be little solace to Saints fans.

Still, it’s interesting to wonder — as the Dan Patrick Show’s Andrew Perloff did — how some of the plays of playoff past would have be received today.

For instance, how about Butch Johnson’s 45-yard touchdown reception in Super Bowl XII? Absolutely astounding that the rules of the time allowed this to stand.

The Dallas Cowboys won that game, 27-10, so the sketchy catch wouldn’t have tipped things either way. It must be cool for Cowboys supporters to see a guy rewarded for doing far less than Dez Bryant.

Times and rulebooks change. That knowledge doesn’t make the visual feel any less crazy in 2019.